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Evangelist Tyrone Watkins

Evangelist Tyrone Watkins was saved in  Downstate correctional facility on April 1st 1990. By the grace of God Tyrone Watkins was delivered from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes .God also delivered Bro. Tyrone Watkins from death as far as being shot in the head, T. B of the  spine and nerve system ( Aids). God just keeps on keeping me. But above all he  saved me from myself. He was called to the prison ministry 2/4/94 and  served faithfully until he was ordained Sept. 2000 as an Evangelist. By God's  grace Evangelist Watkins has served in the ministry and continues to serve along  with his wife Pamela Watkins.

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Sunday Divine Worship 12 Noon

Triumphant School of Ministry
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Noon Day Prayer 2:00 -Noon
Missionary Prayer Hour 7:30 PM

Prayer & Deliverance Service 8:00 PM

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