It is Our Mission as The Headquarters Church of the 1st Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ Inc., located in Brooklyn New York to effectively minister the word of God to his people.

Through biblical teachings, preaching, and evangelical Outreach, we believe that we are called to address the needs of the Total Person just as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did.

As we continue to lift up the name of Jesus Christ throughout the world, we stand firm in our commitment to praise, worship, evangelism, and economic development throughout our community.

Another one of our assignments is to prepare leaders for the 21st Century; To help them discover their purpose and to fulfill it.

We have devoted our selves to living a Holy Life, to maintain honesty, and integrity within the leadership and membership of the church. We are committed to loving one another, and making every member know that God loves them too!

Sunday School 10 AM
Sunday Divine Worship 12 Noon

Triumphant School of Ministry
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Noon Day Prayer 2:00 -Noon
Missionary Prayer Hour 7:30 PM

Prayer & Deliverance Service 8:00 PM

Affiliated Churches


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