Welcome to the online community for the First Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ Inc.

It is truly a blessing to have you visit our website on this day as we share the good news of Jesus Christ throughout your interactive journey.

Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ Inc. is not only a local Church it is an International Ministry with Churches in many nations of the earth. Fulfilling the great commission go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. As we strive to reach the world for Christ, we must use all the tools made available to touch this generation with the love of God.

First Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ has a deep devotion to our Ministries.

We are currently involved in the following:
  • Women's Shelter
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Evangelism Outreach Programs
  • Outreach Luncheons
We also have an exciting and dynamic Youth
Ministry within our Church!

Our ministry always welcomes new members
and volunteers!

If you are interested in working with this ministry
or if you have a
prayer request or have a special
contact us!
First Triumphant Church of Jesus Christ has some excellent resources and activities available for all ages!

We currently offer:
  • Bible Reading
  • Bible Games
  • Bible Education
  • Online Bible Activities

We believe you will find something wonderful for
everyone in your family!

We encourage you to Bookmark our site and revisit
often, as it is our endeavor to always keep this
section fresh with new material!

Sunday School 10 AM
Sunday Divine Worship 12 Noon

Triumphant School of Ministry
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Noon Day Prayer 2:00 -Noon
Missionary Prayer Hour 7:30 PM

Prayer & Deliverance Service 8:00 PM

Guest online

Our mission and ministry is to serve God's people, build strong families, strong churches, strong ministers, and to be empowered by the word of God and his Holy Spirit. Thank you for visiting Triumphantministries.org. It is our prayer that your life is changed, your spirit is revitalized, and your faith is increased. I hope that you will visit us again and share the news of this website with all your friends.

If you live in or are visting in the Brooklyn, New York area, we invite you to visit us!

We are located at: 9413 Church Ave. Brooklyn. NY.  11212

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